Automation, Compliance, Provisioning and Batch Scheduling                                                                           

One we monitor all aspects the next is automated remediation through the automation suite which provisions, maintains compliance and does end to end batch scheduling.

    1. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management - Cloud management platform drives digital innovation with agile, full-stack service provisioning across cloud and traditional platforms. Scales easily while integrating with essential compliance and governance policies to reduce risk
    2. SECOPS - enable organizations to prioritize and remediate critical vulnerabilities and compliance violations through visibility into data center assets and their relationships
    3. Server Automation - Helps IT rapidly provision, remediate known vulnerabilities, and automate compliance checks for regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS or security standards like DISA. Provision Servers with Datacenter compliance within hours.
    4. Network Automation - Enables IT with a policy-based approach to regulatory standards for network management with real-time compliance audit reporting and vulnerability detection and remediation. Provision Network with Datacenter compliance within hours.
    5. Database Automation - Automates routine administrative tasks and compliance processes, accelerates deployment and patching, and reduces security vulnerabilities by streamlining the database management process. Provision Databases with Datacenter compliance within hours.
    6. Threat Detector - Enables IT operations and security teams to prioritize and remediate threats based on potential impact to the business
    7. Client Management - Delivers distributed endpoint management (mobile, laptop, desktop, and server), helping IT deliver great service to end-users while minimizing cost, maintaining compliance, and reducing security risks.
    8. Work Load Automation and Batch Scheduling
    9. Orchestration - Allows IT staff to automate tasks via workflows that span multiple applications, systems, or infrastructure to document change and close the loop on compliance

Solutions Offered:

  1. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
  2. BMC Bladelogic Automation Suite:
    • BMC Bladelogic Server Automation
    • BMC Bladelogic Network Automation
    • BMC Bladelogic Database Automation
    • BMC Threat Detector
  3. Atrium Orchestrator
  4. BMC Control-M
  5. BMC Client Management