About Us

Overview :

Established in 1998, CyberMAK Information Systems has constantly successfully transitioned customers from a technological complex ossification landscape, to a protopian agile state, built on quick ROI, the need to spend less and gain more and automate while creating a competitive difference in this ubiquitous digital age.

For two decades CyberMAK continues to experience years of unrivalled accomplishments with over 200 successfully delivered projects for clients in 14 countries based on a taxonomy of automated business-driven solutions, aimed at raising an organization’s brand equity, lowering operational and capital costs, increasing efficiency and productivity, and ensuring 100% uptime, throughput and availability of business critical systems.

CyberMAK has rendered its services towards a host of prestigious and strategic customers with surgical effectiveness making it a leading Systems Integrator, a milestone achieved by maintaining an ethical and customer centric work culture which in turn has led to CyberMAK’s unblemished and unparalleled track record.

The corollary is that CyberMAK with a 100% successful track record in its implementations, is bound to bring about even further successes and positive returns for organizations that invest with CyberMAK to deliver solutions that would give our customers a distinct business advantage, in a constantly morphing digital world.

CyberMAK’s offerings are led by multinational teams with comprehensive experiences in the domains of Data Centre Management, Service Modelling and Capacity Prediction, Command and Control Dispatch Systems, Work-flow and Work-load Automation, Cloud Lifecycle Management , Smart Plant Design and Engineering, GIS and Border Demarcation, Application Performance with End-User Experience Management, SIEM, User Behaviour Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence among other such specialized areas of expertise.   

Our objectives are to transition ephemeral wins into enduring successes that constantly give our customers an unencumbered competitive edge, embodied in long-term symbiotic mutually beneficial partnershipsthat are constant, reliable and able to leverage-off the digital flux and demanding business shifts that our customers encounter.    

Mission Statement :

To utilize CyberMAK’s technological expertise and business acumen in order to ensure that our customers achieve their vision, through well-managed, effective delivery of transformational projects that would convert their business goals into reality.